Hello! This is the Animal Wiki! Here's some animal facts!(If you want to learn about beetles, there's a seperate wiki for that IMPORTANT! If any of these facts are wrong please tell me so i can change it! Have any animal ideas? Leave them in the dissousion! Thank you and I hope you

To start out with lets talk about main pets.laras savanna food chain.jpg

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Jazz Hands Cat
Jazz Hands Cat

Now this is NOT what cats do... or i hope so(i mean the top two). So are cats born with any color eye? ANSWER: No, they are born with blue eyes and their eye's change color of about 12 weeks of age. Ailurophobia: Fear or hate of cats (I hope none of you are ailurophobic from hate! ;~;) Killing cats in Egypt will result in death. Will cats like or hate the taste of sweetness? ANSWER: neither. They can't taste sweetness! (They lack the taste buds for sugar) Three eyed cats? I'm not sure at this ALL but there is a third eye called a Haw which is only visable when the cat is not feeling well.White cats with blue eyes have a higher chance of becoming deaf. CLOWDER: a group of grown up cats KINDLE: a group of kittens. ;3 so adorable! A cat has 473 taste buds!
(Not what they do!) Who domesticated dogs? Cavemen. Who has the MOST dogs? U.S.A.! who's in second, France! It's all in the shape of the face: Depending on how long a dog's face is, the longer or shorter they will live. Can dogs dream? Yes they can! Are dogs color blind? There's a fight about this one, Here's both opinions: Yes they can, but ONLY at sun set. or, no they can NOT. Muted from barking: The only dog that I'm aware of that cannot bark is an african dog, basenji. Dogs have 1,700 taste buds not beating ours (9,000) but beats the feline's (473). Pack of dogs in the house: If you own more than one dog, the dogs decide who is alpha if you don't help them. usally if they choose themselves then the oldest will be alpha. But if you help (which is who you give food to first, let out the door first, ect) they will choose the one who gets food first, gets out the door first,

Welcome to our dog club!

Are dog club will be taking notes and playing games and taking notes.
are first book we will be reading is Kids Best Dog Book.
Dining tips:

Yeah, you won't have a puffer fish. Who is the most wanted out of dogs, cats, and goldfish? Answer: Goldfish. Just Goldfish.
The oldest fish ever was 43 years old and his name was Trish (live anymore) A goldfish's life is only about 10 years, my goldfish is only 5 years old! Artic waters: Believe it or not, goldfish can live in FREEZING water tempatures! Leave a fish in an outdoor pond in winter, he'll be swimming around by spring! How? They stop moving, almost like hibernating, they go back to swimming ever which way when it's spring! Here's something ironic, a goldfish can be SILVER, it may not sound ironic but i think it does.

I'm not going to do the rest of the pets now, I'm going to do a request! ^_^


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How many known species are there? Three, it may not sound like alot but there might be more to discover. Female and male names: A female is a "Cow" and a male is called a "Bull". Quick marriage: Elephant mate in about 20 minutes! For us it takes a few years before we're even fully married!! How long will she be pregnet? 22 months! that's longer than any other land animal!! How long will it live? 60-80 years! Brain weight: 5kg! Elephants are one of the smartest animals known! Jumbo the elephant!: This was one of the LARGEST elephants ever! His name means "Boss" or "Chief" he was an African Bush Elephant bornd was taken to a french zoo as an infant. Jumbo was sold to the U.S.A. and died from being hit by a train. ); Elephants are born tusk-less. Who are a big predator to them? Us! We take their tusks made out of ivory so we can make things, but the elephant can't live without their tusks so they die. Dlaras savanna food chain.jpg