Edgar Degas By:Annelise RossChapter 1: His Childhood
Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834 in Paris, France. He had two brothers and two sisters. His brother's names were Achille and Rene'. His sister's names were Therese and Marguerite. Edgar was the oldest. In 1846, Edgar went to a very strict school for boys. He had to wear a uniform and march to his classes. He was at this school for seven years. That doesn't sound very fun at all. Edgar took art classes. I was surprised that his marks in art class weren't that good. He still wanted to be an artist. Unfortunately, his father didn't like the idea of Edgar becoming an artist. Edgar's father wanted Edgar to be a lawyer. He forced Edgar go to law school, but Edgar quit law school. Edgar just followed his dream and left his home to become an artist. Finally, His father stopped making Edgar be a lawer and let him become an artist. I'm happy that Edgar wasn't a lawyer.
Chapter 2: Becoming an artist
Edgar loved to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris. He also visited several museums in Italy. Edgar thought that he would be a great artist by copying famous paintings. When Edgar was twenty- three, he painted a self- portrait. One day, Edgar met a famous artist.The artist looked at Edgar's artwork and told him to stop copying famous paintings. He told him to him to always draw no matter what. Edgar did what the artist told him to do. He always painted. He took his sketchbook everywhere he went and soon, he became a great artist.
Chapter 3: His First Few Paintings

At first, Edgar painted pictures of people standing around doing nothing, like one of his paintings of his brother, Achille. Achille had to stand still for hours so that Edgar could sketch and paint him.(Wow, my brother can't stand still for a half second without jumping.) Later, Edgar painted pictures of people actually doing something, like combing their hair, bathing(ewww!),ironing, horsedack riding, or dancing. Sometimes, Edgar would paint pictures of the same person in different positions.
Chapter 4:Edgar Travels to the U.S.A.
In 1872, Edgar took a steamship to the U.S.A. to visit his relatives in New Orleans. They were in the cotton buisness.

While Edgar was there, he made many famous paintings. Soon, he got homesick and returned to Paris.

Chapter 5: Edgar's Friends
Many of Edgar's friends were also artists. There names were Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, and Vincent Van Gogh. Edgar's friends liked painting pictures of nature, but Edgar liked to paint pictures of people doing everyday things.
Chapter 6: Edgar's StudioEdgar bought many paintings from his friends and put them in his studio. It was like his own museum. Edgar loved to be alone in his crowded studio. Edgar had many Japanese prints in his studio.Chapter 7: Edgar's Ballet Paintings
Edgar was famous for his ballet paintings. He learned all of the ballet steps so that he could use them in his paintings. He usually used oil paint and pastels for his ballet pictures.
Chapter 8: The Later Years
As Edgar grew older, he started to lose his eyesight. He made some wax sculptures, but mostly, he drew with pastels. His pastel drawings had big strokes and bright colors. On September 27, 1917, a very sad thing happened. Edgar died. he was 83 years old. Edgar was an artist for his whole life. He never got married or had kids. I probably wouldn't want to meet Edgar Degas because he was grouchy all the time. I'd rather just look at his beautiful artwork.
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