All insects including beetles have an exoskeleton. They all have an abdomen, a thorax and a head
Theese beetles are called Chrismas beetles
. There are 7,000 to 10,000 insects
This beetle looks like it's eating

All beetles share there elytra!!Thee are more beetles than any other insect, Wow!!!Beetles live in the rain forest and everywhere exept the ocean!!
People don't relize that fireflys or lighting bugs are beetles!!They flash light signals to attract males. Crazy!!
Stag Beetle
The Stag beetle gets its name because it's jaws look like the antlers of a Stag (male deer)!!These beetles are dark brown in color and live decaying oak tree stumps!
Whirligig Beetle
Whirligig beetles swim around swiftly on the surfaces of lakes or rivers!!They feed on insects that fall into the water!!
Hercules Beetle
This beetle looks scary, and it's one of the worlds largest insects!!! This beetle is harmless, though. It mesures up to 15 centimeters(6 inches)long! Hercules beetles are usuallay greenish gray.